Why Buy a Domain Name?

Enhance Your Marketing and Visibility

The good domain name allows people to remember and find you easily. It's your visual address on the web and your email address.   For example, autolife.net would be a good name if you have a car business.

Build Credential

The personalized email address using your domain helps establish credibility and professionalism. For instance, an email address such as 'john@business.com' is more professional than 'Johnsmith1234@yahoo.com'.

Protect Your Brand

Acquire the domain name that best represents your business. Domains are valuable online real estate. Secure the right name and keep it out of the others.

You may also find many related domains for your business. Obtaining more than one helps secure your brand and increase your market reach. You can have as many domains as you want for your business.  For example, you can redirect the traffics the go to buynow.com to your website – whatbuy.com.

For Investment

Domain names are like real estate.  They increase in values. Given the limited good domain names available and the growing of the world population, good domain names are becoming more valuable.  For example, someone names “John” may want to build his personal website using his name as the domain names, but there are many John available in the world and only few John.xxx (such as John.com, John.bz) available.

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Escrow(escrow.com), is a financial arrangement where a third party holds and regulates payment of the funds required for two parties involved in a given transaction. It helps make transactions more secure by keeping the payment in a secure escrow account which is only released when all of the terms of an agreement are met as overseen by the escrow company.

Advantages: Escrow.com reduces the risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third-party that collects, holds and only disperses funds when both Buyers and Sellers are satisfied.
Fee: 3.25% ($25.00 minimum), and 0.26% of amount over $5000.

Transaction Process:
1. Click the button [Escrow Buy] to starting a Transaction by Escrow.com.
2. You agree to the terms of the transaction on Escrow.com.
3. You pay to Escrow.com and wait for payment verification.
4. We are authorised to transfer domain name to you.
5. You accepts the domain name.
6. Escrow.com releases funds to us from the Escrow account.

Well, congratulations! Transaction is complete safely and securely.
Further Explanations:
▪ If you do not have an account, you can register one at Escrow.com.
▪ Any question on the transaction, please be sure to use the same email used to register on Escrow.com.

More detail on transaction of Escrow, please consult the official help document:
'What is Escrow? How Does Escrow Work?'